Music Daze: The (Isle of) Wight Album p. 6 Sunday – Helplessly Hoping

This is the sixth part of my series of articles about my experience in the Isle Of Wight. You can read here the FIRST part,  SECOND part, THIRD part, FOURTH part and FIFTH part

The whole park was filled with people, and I started to get more anxious, as I was seeing more and more people with Queen t-shirts, Adam Lambert clothes, and I even saw a couple of Queen + Paul Rodgers t-shirts (Queen performed live with the singer Paul Rodgers between 2005 and 2008 and that project was dead a long time ago). So I started to think that if so many people were there to see Queen, it meant that we had less chance to get to the front.

Once we returned to the bar, we saw the crowd at the Main Stage, and decided it was time to go there and start making our way to the front. This time it wasn’t gonna be as easy as the day before! The place had many more people, and about 70% of them were already waiting for Queen & Adam Lambert,  so they weren’t moving anywhere. We had still more than 3 hours to go, but we decided it was time to start the “get to to the fence or die” operation!

IOW sunday crowd

The crowd in the middle of the day

The clouds were threatening to punish the whole audience with a long and hard rain, but I didn’t care.  All I wanted to do was to get to the front.

Mike + The Mechanics were still on stage and, as we walked through the people, we could only get to the right side of the stage, and not even close to the fence. I noticed that the stage was shaped differently today: the night before, there was installed a catwalk on the center of the stage, and 2 “wings” on both sides that served the purpose of being extensions of the stage. Those wings had stairs and they were covered in plastic paper to protect them from the possible rain. As I saw Queen & Adam Lambert last year in Chile (and on countless Youtube videos too), I knew those nIMG_6740ew things were for the Queen concert, and they were  probably installed by some hard working roadies the night before (who were probably now sleeping inside the big Queen Trucks).

I was actually happy to see that the band was about to use the usual stage props for their show, and not a reduced one, due to the many different bands performing on stage that day.

By the time Mike + The Mechanics finished their set, only very few people moved away, so we had one more chance to keep walking through the people, and start approaching the front. We started walking to the center of the crowd and then forward until we hit a barrier of people who weren’t moving at all!

So we decided to wait there until the next band finished their set, and hopefully then, try again to move a little further to the front. It was exciting and scary at the same time, as I didn’t want to give up on my hope to get to the front, but this time it wasn’t looking as nice as the day before.


Next on stage were TThe Cribs IOW stagehe Cribs and we were stuck on the right side of the stage, still not near the front. The band started playing, and I noticed they were a rock band with a grunge attitude, kind of like a mixture between Green Day and Pearl Jam. But oh my God! They sounded so bad. I imagined they were having a bad day or something, because I think that every band on the Main Stage probably deserved being there. But these boys had their instruments and voices completely out of tune. It was painful to hear their one hour set.

Again, I was very surprised about how respectful the audience was. People around me looked equally impressed at how awful this band was, but they still clapped and cheered when each song ended. I didn’t hear anyone booing.

But I must say, the band had a very rock attitude, and the singer/guitarist was the only one I saw using the catwalk installed for Queen. I imagined it was probably forbidden for other acts to use Queen’s scenery, but this guy did it anyway in a rebel rock attitude. In between one of the songs the singer/guitar player said something like “I know you are here for Queen, we all love Queen so we are on the same side”  To me, that was like apologizing for having a bad day, and I got a little sad for them. I imagined that they probably heard people getting bored, or not liking their songs, and being a musician, myself, I can imagine how hard it is to be in such a position.

So, they ended their show with a loud, out-of-tune noise from all the instruments, as if they were about to break everything, and then got off the stage.

OCS IOW stage

Ocean Colour Scene on the stage

After that, we managed to try to keep moving. We were running out of time, as there was only one last band left before Queen & Adam Lambert. We managed to move a little more to the center and front, but still not quite near the barrier.

We stayed there, and after about 45 minutes, the last band came on stage: Ocean Colour Scene. It was a softer rock band than The Cribs, and I could instantly tell the difference in their sound. This one sounded a lot more profesional and clear, from their instruments, musicianship and even to the sound mixing. Everything sounded more polished compared to the last band.

By this time the feared rain started falling on us. At that time I thought it wasn’t really that much rain, but the people around me started quickly covering with rain ponchos as if they knew this was gonna be the end of the world. It wasn’t that cold for me, so I just covered my head with a Chilean flag I had in my bag during the whole time.


And I waited…


Stay tuned for my next and last article about my experience at the Isle Of Wight festival 2016

#SSSVEDA August 2016. Day 2 – Emotional Attachment To Music

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This is my #2 vlog on the super excellent #SSSVEDA August challenge. Here I talk about emotional attachment to music and I present my own case with a Queen + Paul Rodgers album “The Cosmos Rocks”
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My Life With Queen – Queen + Paul Rodgers

This is the 2nd part of my story with Queen. You can read the first part HERE

Back to my Queen-related story… I’m gonna jump right to 2008. The band was touring with the Rock singer Paul Rodgers since 2005. So I spent a lot of time dreaming about the band coming back to South America. The last time the band was near here was in 1985 for the Rock in Rio festival in Brazil. So, once the band started touring again with Paul Rodgers, all I had in my mind was them coming to South America again, and hopefully, this time including my country. (They had only included Argentina and Brazil on their 80s touring in South America.)

By the 2008 era, I can say that my life was pretty much a disaster. I was still struggling with my artistry and was not happy at all with what was going on in general here. So, then a miracle happened! After a long tour across Europe, and recording a brand new album (The Cosmos Rocks), the band confirmed they were returning to South America, and this time including Chile!. The heavenly date was set for November 19th.

The tour was announced in August and the tickets started selling in September. My life was exciting again! It was the one and only opportunity to see Brian May and Roger Taylor performing with my very own eyes. As every fan would do, I spent all September working my ass off, playing several shitty gigs, and saving all the money I could. So instead of paying bills, I irresponsibly spent all the money I had buying a VIP ticket. They were in a seated position, so I chose a place very near the catwalk, where hopefully I’d see Brian and Roger very close.

With the ticket in my hand, I started daydreaming and getting awfully excited.

The band arrived several days before the big concert. The fans started gathering around their hotel, and started to create a big buzz over social networks. It was finally happening!

For some reason, I thought I would have a better chance of meeting them by getting to the venue the day before; hopefully, they would be doing soundcheck. So I went to the soccer stadium, San Carlos de Apoquindotold the security guards that I wanted to subscribe to the stadium soccer team, and I sneaked in.

The band was not there, but I got to see for the first time the big screen, the catwalk, and all the things that I had only seen over Youtube videos. It was heaven!  And no other fans around. I can’t describe how excited I was seeing with my own eyes something that was pretty much unlikely a few months before. I even recorded a small video of my experience there:

But I missed the chance to see Brian and Roger at the hotel… By that time, many fans were claiming and bragging that they met them, showing their pictures and autographs. So, I realized it wasn’t my most clever move to get to the venue instead of going to the hotel.

Anyway, the next day was the concert, I couldn’t sleep that night and woke up very early to go to the venue and try to sneak in again. I was hoping the band would do soundcheck in the morning. I passed through the security guards, saying the same fake lie like the day before.  But this time, I found that the gates to the stadium were closed. So I started walking around like I was a member of the soccer club, doing some jogging. I was quickly discovered by the security guards and kicked out with the promise that if I went back, they would call the police.

So I failed, for the second time in just two days, to meet Brian May and Roger Taylor.

It it didn’t matter;  the concert was that night, so I had no choice but to go back home and get ready for the big night.

I still have fresh in my mind every detail I lived that day. I could make another entire post just dedicated to that concert. It was one of the most special days of my life. I couldn’t believe what my eyes and ears were feeling. Finally, I got to see how these people were in real life. I heard the Red Special, and Roger’s drums, in real time!

That night was close to perfection, but some people there tried to ruin it. Mostly security guards who were assholes the whole concert, and the fact that I was completely by myself and had nobody to hug while I was almost fainting there.

Still, for me, this was one of the few opportunities where the positive side was so big, that it overshadowed all the bad things that happened during those days, and even the entire year!

In the next few years, I became obsesed with that concert. And I tried to get everything that would remind me of something from that experience…..

So I started my new hobby: collecting things from the under-rated album with Paul Rodgers “The Cosmos Rocks”. The funny thing is that it was an album despised both by fans and music critics. But for me, it is one of the most special Queen albums ever…. well…. the most special Brian and Roger recording.

Stay tuned for the final episode of this story!. Click here for part 3