London Daze, Part 2: All You Need Is Love

This is the second part of my series of post about the London part of my trip. You can read the first part HERE.
abbey road entrance

abbey road entrance

So, after seeing Buckingham Palace, Westminster  Abbey, and having a traditional English tea, we caught the tube again, and went to another historical landmark….. for musicians… the world famous recording studio Abbey Road.

This is the place where every Beatles album was recorded, as well as those of countless other artists, movie soundtracks, tv shows, and documentaries. This is like  heaven for every sound engineer. I’m not such a big Beatles fan, but this was truly another place I’d never ever thought I would see.

It’s not that impressive from the outside; it’s a big building that would be confused for any company building if it wasn’t for the name outside saying “Abbey Road Studios”. It’s impressive that after all this years, it is still a working recording studio, so tourists are not allowed inside. And I kept watching all these musicians going in there for recording sessions. It was so cool!

Abbey Road wall messages

On the outside you can see the walls completely
painted with graffiti and messages from Beatles fan. This was the moment I figured out that this is a temple for Beatles fans (in the same way as Freddie
Mercury’s house is for me). There were lots of message for John Lennon and George Harrison (most of them very touching tributes), and you could really see on people’s faces that being there was a dream come true. I mean, if I would have listened to the Beatles all my life, and had a chance to go there, I’m sure I would have pissed my pants (again).

Abbey Road glory!!

At one side of the actual recording studio building, there was this Gift Shop, where tourists could go and buy overpriced memorabilia (tourist trap alert!!). At a very high price, you could get audio equipment, every vinyl that was recorded there, and gifts so your family and friends can believe that you were actually there.

multitrack tape box

Inside the Gift Shop,  you could also see some historical memorabilia that were hanging in the wall as art pieces. The coolest thing I remember seeing there was the box of the multitrack tape of the Beatles songs “Hey Jude” and “Revolution n. 9“. I remember thinking to myself: Anyone who sells this box on ebay will get so rich!.

Then, the other historical landmark there, is the world famous crosswalk from The Beatles album cover “Abbey Road“.
This is an actual road where real cars pass through. So tourists should be really careful when trying to recreate the picture. I once read that the most clichéd and overdone picture in history made by tourists, was the recreation of the world famous Beatles cover. But I was already there, and I won’t go back anytime soon. So, what the hell? Here is my picture crossing the Abbey Road!!

just like the Beatles

Overall, it was another excellent experience. Not personally as emotional as other places, but still really cool. I imagine that the only disapointment for any Beatles fan who goes there is that you can’t actually see the real studio from the inside. There are no tours available and entrance is prohibited unless you work there. Also, there isn’t a museum like other places I went to. The only place you can go inside is the Gift Shop. (obviously!).

After that cool site, there were many other Queen (the band) related places like The Rainbow Theatre, The Hammersmith Odeon, and The Marquee. But since the day was quickly passing and it was tricky to get to those other places that were planned, we decided to do one more tourist place that was conveniently near to another tube station. So, we went to the world famous wax museum Madame Tussauds.

I must confess that before this trip, I’ve never even heard of this place. It’s a big museum featuring wax replicas of famous people from different areas: music, arts, politic, sports, fashion, etc. And it’s supposed to be so realistic, that when you see them in front of you, you
are supposed to feel that you are seeing the real person. I heard there was a Freddie Mercury real scale replica there, so I thought it was a cool place to see, and I would also get pictures with all these other celebrities.

selfie with my old Kardashian friend

I was warned by my friends that not all of the real scale wax figures were as realistic as they try to sell them. And for what I saw with my eyes there, it’s true. Some of them are very real, but some of them look like dolls. Anyway, it was a lot of fun for me, because I was able to see  how
these celebrities will be if I ever get to see them in real life.

One of the great ones for me was the Kim Kardashian wax doll: She was very realistic, and you could take a selfie with her, with Kanye West looking jealously at you!

I also took my mandatory picture with the Freddie Mercury real scale replica, which created a kind of a mixed feeling because Ifound that his face didn’t look that realistic. Other highlights for me were the Michael Jackson and Jimmi Hendrix wax figures — all of them very cool.

Jimi Hendrix
Audrey Hepburn


The Beatles

So that was the finish of our Queen tour all over London. Lots of places left that I wish to see on a future trip to London. So definitely, I’m looking forward to the day I come back to this big city.

The same night, my friends and I went to see the world famous musical “Wicked” at the Apollo Victoria Theatre. That was another experience that meant lots to me. It meant so much that I will write a separate post about it. But now, it’s time to leave London and head to my next adventure: the Isle Of Wight