Meet Germán

Germán Toledo Carrero was born in the southern city of Punta Arenas, Chile.  As a child, he and his family moved a lot, and lived in many cities: Graneros, Rancagua, Los Angeles (yes, Chile has one of those too), and finally, the capital city of Santiago.

From a young age, much of Germán’s life has revolved around music. At 6 years old he found an old guitar lying around his house and tried to learn how to play, but couldn’t quite coordinate his hands to grasp the frets.  Two years later, he discovered the power of keys. While most kids were busy playing video games on a Saturday night, he remembers staying up late learning melodies from Chilean bands, like “Los Jaivas” or by rock bands like Marilyn Manson or Korn.

In those early years, he spent hours in front of the radio, trying to record, on cassette songs and cartoons themes, holding up an old radio in front of the TV speaker to record.

Taking piano lessons at 16 years old, his life changed forever. He went on to earn a degree in Music and Sound Technology from the University for the Arts, Sciences, and Communication, as well as a post degree specializing in music performance and composition, the first ever to graduate with a degree in that field from the University of Chile.

Germán has composed music for short films, documentaries and video art. He has also focused on performing Chilean music, a style called Cueca and Tonada. He teaches music theory and piano, and plays in a quintet that specializes in Tango music, as well as tango with bands and singers.

His latest passion is combining music and travel. He recently traveled to USA and Europe, and so enjoyed the experience that he committed to writing about it and recording videos, wanting to share this, the wonderful parts, and the nostalgic parts.

Germán has not been alive that long, but he has lived many things, both good and bad. He is commited to telling his stories to help others in the future.