Music Daze: The (Isle of) Wight Album p. 7 Sunday: We Are The Champions!

This is the seventh part of my series of articles about my experience in the Isle Of Wight. You can read here the FIRST part,  SECOND part, THIRD part, FOURTH part, FIFTH part and SIXTH part.


In the crowd in the rain…

At one point during the Ocean Colour Scene set, they sang a song about rain, and just when they finished their last chord, it started to rain much harder. The whole crowd cheered happily, because it felt like a magical moment, where the weather heard the band calling for water!

That was a very nice moment, but honestly, I was mostly anxious, because I wanted to move forward, and once this band finished performing, it was our last chance to move to the front.

So the band finished their set, and it was raining a lot. We had about 45 minutes left before Queen hit the stage, and it was time for our last effort to make it as close as possible to the stage.

Only few people moved around, and we got very near the barrier and to the right side of the stage. That was it; we couldn’t move any further.

At first, I was disappointed, but then I realized I had just two people in front of me before hitting the barrier, and I was just about to see the concert I waited all this year for, just a few feet from the stage! Our position wasn’t as good as the day before, but I was one lucky person to be there, enjoying all these bands, and now about to enjoy a full Queen concert in such a close standing position.

The people in front of me were Queen + Adam Lambert fans, as they had the tour t-shirts on. They were hardcore fans who came from all over England to see these concerts, and my friends and I started to talk with them. They turned out to be very, very nice, and they helped me out, taking some pictures of me and my Chilean flag. My friends told them that I came all the way from South America to see this concert, and they were thrilled.  We had a little chat about cultural differences, music, and some other topics. It was all fun!

While the stage was being set up, I got to see how the roadies installed the guitar amps, the drum set, and some stairs between the catwalk and the Main Stage. All this while flying like coordinated dancing working bees. It was thrilling to me. And very exciting.

A black curtain in the background that was used by the other bands for their scenography, was taken off, and it revealed a big, round L.E.D. screen with a “Q” shape. It was hidden back there all this time, just for this moment. The wings on both sides of the stage were uncovered, too, to reveal yellow stairs as an extension to the Main Stage.

And at this point, a white curtain with the “Queen” logo dropped down covering all the stage. This was gonna be revealed only when the band started their set.

Queen stage right wing

While the rain was still hitting hard, I could see people with brooms nervously trying to dry the floor of both the catwalk and the side wings.

It was awesome to see those backstage details!

Then I started to hear the “Track 13” from the Made Of Heaven álbum, which is the indicator that the show was starting in about 15 minutes. It’s a 15 minute track hidden on that album that mostly contains a D note, played in a strings patch of a synthetizer. It’s so simple, but it sets the exciting atmosphere right away.

A loud sound came from the PA system and the concert was finally starting.


On the two big screens, I could see backstage footage of Brian May, Roger Taylor, Adam Lambert, and the whole band getting ready to come on stage while the recorded introduction for the song One Vision started to play. The audience started to go crazy, and by the end of it, the crisp, clear sound of Brian May’s guitar gave us the first notes of the same song. The white curtain was raised, and boom!! I could see for the first time on stage, since my last time in Chile 2015, Brian May, Roger Taylor, and Adam Lambert performing. Everyone started clapping and singing while Adam Lambert inmediately took over the catwalk, wearing a kind of George Michael jacket that shined in the lights.

Just the day before, all the news was about the sad killing of lots of people in a discotheque in Orlando, Florida, and my friends were upset that Adam could be the next victim while singing on stage. I could see many worried guards protecting Adam offstage and upstage, and at this concert, I could tell that they tried to hold him back from using the catwalk or the stage wings that much. My friends could not calm down.

But tonight, no tragedy happened. It was all happiness and fun. Brian May went up to the right wing, getting very near of our position at some songs and it was a full joy. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

At one point, one of the English guys we’d just met asked me if I was ok. They probably thought I was fainting or something. All I remember was jumping and singing every song at the top of my lungs!

Adam Lambert had his own show, singing Killer Queen while sitting on a throne, drinking champagne, and spitting it into the audience. As usual, he thanked Brian and Roger for the chance to be there, just before singing Don’t Stop Me Now. What an amazing frontman!

In the middle of the show, Brian May walked down the catwalk and took a selfie video of the whole audience.  Then, he sang  Love Of My Life, as always, dedicated to the late Freddie Mercury.

Roger Taylor had another drum set on the catwalk too, and he sang some songs there, too (sorry Roger, your voice is not the one that was before!). He had a drum battle between he and his son, and then he performed Under Pressure, dedicated to David Bowie.

Later, Brian May had his trademark Guitar Solo while being raised above the skies in front of the big Q shaped screen in the background of the stage. Not one of the finest musical moments of history, but one of the most impressive moments of the show to me.

Later, during I Want It All, there was this big fire coming from the stage making everyone go crazy.

There was this big emotional moment just before Adam Lambert sang Who Wants To Live Forever. He dedicated this song to all the victims of “irrational hate crimes,” as he called them, referring to the Orlando shooting the day before. This song was embellished with many laser lights and a disco ball that came down from the ceiling, making the show even more impressive. Adam hit every note just right, and it was such a perfect climax.

Much later in the show, the band performed Radio Gaga, and Adam came off the stage to sing in front of the people (much like Iggy Pop the day before). Sadly, he didn’t come to our side, but that was another moment when the audience went crazy.

Then the encore came: We Will Rock You and We Are The Champions, which ended impressively with an explosion of gold confetti. The show was over, the band said goodbye from the Main Stage without approaching to the catwalk for the last time, while the recording of God Save The Queen was sounding over the PA system.

The stage was empty again, and I grabbed confetti from the floor to have as a souvenir from this wonderful night.


My friends and I hugged, and as we turned back, a big fireworks show started displaying in the beautiful skies of the Isle Of Wight, closing this year’s festival and finishing our adventure on this great Island.

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