Music Daze: The (Isle of) Wight Album p.3 – Friday

Isle Of Wight Festival 2016: Friday

This is the third part of my series of articles about my experience in the Isle Of Wight. You can read here the FIRST part, and the SECOND part.

Friday was when the festival really started.

Both the Big Top and the Main Stage were fully crowded, and you could see more and more people as the day progressed. Just like the day before, we didn’t arrive very early. We got ourselves some Isle Of Wight MAIN STAGEbeer and fish and chips, and walked directly to the Main Stage, as this was the first day of performances there and I wanted to check out that big stage, with the most famous acts going to be there.

Once we got there, I noticed it was huge! …and very tall. Even if we were standing very far from it, you could still see perfectly what was going on there. And there were also two big screens, which helped a lot in getting a glimpse of the details, if you weren’t closer. What I love about this kind of thing, is that you have the chance to watch like a real time “concert dvd” if you watch the screens, or take a look directly at the stage and see with your own eyes what  the performers are doing.Isle Of Wight Festival MAIN STAGE

I found that most of the time, what your own eyes can see feels very different from what you see on the big screens. Sometimes, all the camera cuts, close ups, angles, etc makes the concert feel more impressive than what is really happening on stage. For me, that is not a bad thing — it is very exciting to get a glimpse in real time of how the “concert dvd” of the same concert I’m watching would look, as opposed to the real experience. Watching the big screens is like having your own TV with a fiction movie, and just at the center of the big TVs, you see the real “behind the scenes”, uncut footage.


Back at home, I often find myself watching concerts dvds and wondering what the real experience would look like. It’s never gonna be the same enjoying an edited concert footage, as watching how it really was. IMG_6673

So, we arrived at the Main Stage just a couple of minutes before the young singer Jess Glynne hit the stage. I must say that I’ve never heard of her before this day. And it’
s a shame, because while seeing her, I recognized many familiar songs, and back at home, I got her album on Amazon because I thought she was really good.

I guess that proves that a live concert is a truly wonderful way to promote artists.

Anyway, IMG_6674this time we didn’t try to get to the front; we just stayed in the middle of the audience, next to some cheerful (and annoying at times) teenagers, screaming and talking loud while Jess was performing.  The stage looked wonderful, very colorful and the day was, again, very good. No sad clouds or rain.


We stayed during the whole Jess Glynne set. Her band was amazing, and even the electro pop songs that she has, that in the studio relies on heavy synth sounds and “quantisized” rhythms, now sounded full of life and very human. So thumbs up for Jess Glynne and her amazing backup band!

After that, we decided to move from there and walk around, just like the day before. While walking around, I got a glimpse of some other bands performing on the smaller stages, including a very out-of-tune Beatles tribute band. I also went to the merchandise store, and spent some time deciding on a t-shirt and some gifts I wanted to bring back to Chile.


 Here you can watch a short video I took of the Jess Glynne performance. You can get an example of what I talked before about the difference between watching the big screens and the stage at the same time. (sorry for the shaky footage!)


So just like that,  the day quickly ended for us, as we were getting picked again by my friend’s husband.

Later that night, we went to a pub outside the festival area on another part of the island. Somebody told us that it was a pub that some roadies and even bands from the festival go to “escape” for a while from the festival itself. We were excited, thinking that we might see some famous musicians there.  But by the time we got over there, after many problems finding it, with the famous Isle of Wight road confusion, it was kind of empty.  Kind of a disapointment,

but we had a few drinks, and it was a pretty cool, authentic place, so it still was fun.

So that was our Friday at the festival!

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