My Life In Los Angeles. Where The Magic Happens

What do you know?  I’m already in L.A., and now I can walk pretty much as locals do.  And that is a big deal for me!  No Customs making me feel like a criminal.

I met my friend and I became the happiest person on earth.  She took me to have pancakes for breakfast, a nap, and later dinner with friends and family.

I was overwhelmed and amazed walking on the streets and seeing the English signs, cars, and buildings.  Everything was good and amazing now.


Liberace StarThat night after dinner, we went to the Hollywood Walk Of Fame and I got to see and take pictures with many “stars”, including Liberace and Queen.  I got to see the TCL Chinese Theater, the Dolby Theater, and the handprints of many movie stars.  You can’t get closer to movie history than that!  I never imagined it was such a big street, with the stars on the ground and lots of “headshops” besides the theaters!  We walked like 40 minutes to find the Queen star, and while walking, I was thinking that this is a really well done place to attract tourists:  lots of lights, street musicians, and restaurants.  And you can tell that is a very popular tourist spot.  There, you can hear many languages at the same time, and many people doing exactly what I was doing, and being equally amazed.



 hollywood 2


The next day, we went to another important Hollywood place:  Universal Studios.

This one was a real treat!  My friend invited me to the “VIP Experience“, where you can walk around the sets instead of just passing through.  I was wishing to see the set of my favorite movie of all time:  Back To The Future.  The clock tower from the movie still exists and has been used for many other movies.  So, it’s been changed over the years, but the core is still there.  Seeing that was really a dream come true — really felt for me that I was in the middle of Hill Valley!!  I also got to see the “Lyon Estates” sign that was used in the movies. So much fun! We also came across the “Jaws” film set, the Norman Bates house from “Psycho”, and the “War of the Worlds” set, including a whole crashed airplane and a destroyed neighborhood.

After that, we got to cut the lines for all the rides, so we went to “The Simpsons”, “Fast and Furious”, “Shrek 4D” ,”The Minions” and “Jurassic Park”.  The rides are impressive; all of them are a combination of “eye candy” sequences, animations, and mechanical movements that makes you really feel like you are inside of a movie.  I remember thinking: this is it!  There’s nothing better than this; this is the soul and inspiration for all the fun parks in the world!

IMG_6552Later, we were able to walk through the Harry Potter town, which is as impressive as it can get.  I got a “Butter Beer” and some memorabilia for my people in Chile.  There’s a replica of the Hogwarts School,  the magic wand stores, the candy shops, and pretty much everything you can see in the movies.  All I could do was open my eyes as big as I could, and hope that all the memories from that day, stay in my head forever.

And finally, to finish the day, we got to see the famous “Waterworld” show from the not-so-great movie.  The live show was amazingly well made, and the actors were very funny.  Luckily, we didn’t have to drink our own piss while there! (that’s a Waterworld joke by the way 😀 )

So now I can´t believe it!!!  I am right this minute on my way to the airport in L.A. to fly to England for the start of my next adventure!!!!

Getting There.

Hello people from around the world!

I must say, I’ve been very busy. I’ve just finished a new Queen cover: The Show Must Go On.


But the most important thing of all is that, as I’m writing this, I’m flying over South America,  heading to Miami. I have finally started the new adventure. I’ll be getting to Miami to then take another flight to Los Angeles where my friends live. I’ve just had a nice dinner and now I’m drinking a Dr. Pepper.

It was hard to leave my family today; even though I know it’s just for a few weeks. I worked hard to stay calm and not cry. As I went through Immigration in Santiago, I felt so lonely and as helpless as a little baby; but, then, I relaxed and actually started enjoying the process.

This is still surreal to me. I can’t believe I’m actually flying to the USA right now. I can’t even imagine what’s ahead of me over the next few days visiting a new country, listening and speaking another language all the time, and who knows what else! All I know is that next weekend I’ll be heading to Europe to see Queen + Adam Lambert. What will happen in between? Well, stay tuned and I’ll tell you all about it soon.

By the way, I was trying to watch a movie on the plane and it was in English without subtitles… I couldn’t understand shit!! I guess my English isn’t that good after all.  We’ll see how it goes in the next few days …