(Piano Covers) My Life of Worshipping Freddie

This is one of my favorite songs of all time.

The music and the lyrics are very touching;  even though they weren’t meant to talk about Freddie’s life, they suit amazingly well his story.  Maybe that’s why he sings it with such passion.  It was originally recorded in 1986, and he was the only one who knew that he had contracted AIDS at the time.

The funny thing is that this song wasn’t even written by Freddie.  It was written by Dave Clark for “Time, The Musical“, yet it seems to capture Freddie’s soul so well.
I heard this song for the first time when I was still in school, around the year 2000,  when I got “The Freddie Mercury Album” on CD.  I absolutely loved that CD from start to finish.  Only later, I found out that it was a “singles” album that was released in 1992, after Freddie’s death.  Before that period, “In My Defence” was an obscure, rare song that was featured only in the soundtrack of a musical.
As much as I always loved the song, I’ve never really tried to play it on the piano.  Maybe it was because it has such emotional content for me, I never wanted to be bothered learning the technical aspects of it.
Until now.After doing two Adam Lambert songs, I was moved to make a tribute to Freddie.

So I started transcribing it for the first time.  I was getting most of the chords and melody ready until I found out that there was already an official sheet score on the Internet.  Luckily, I could see there that I had figured out most of the chords okay (Yaay!).
Anyway,  I thought that after learning the song, I wouldn’t take much time recording it for Youtube.  Oh boy,  I was wrong!It was a complete nightmare.  It was a Friday night.   I started recording it by 8pm,  and I just couldn’t get it right, from start to finish.  It took me 34 takes to just get a few right.  Then I chose the one that’s on the video. I was very, very, very pissed off.  I worked that night until 3:00 a.m. and I was exhausted.

The good thing is that, in the end, it worked out and I could get something nice, so I was tired, but ultimately happy.  I think the take that made it for the video was filmed at around 2am.  It was crazy!


This is In My Defence as sung by the late, great Freddie Mercury.


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