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Hello, so this is my real first post. I’ve never been good at writing but I’ve decided to give it a try.
garden lodge with chilean flag

garden lodge with chilean flag

My Name is Germán (as in “Herman” for English speakers). I come from a far, far away land called Chile. You may have heard it before as a synonymous for “earthquake”,  or maybe you saw on TV how 33 miners were heroically rescued. Or even, if you are a soccer fan, know a few names of very succesful (and rich!) players across Europe. The thing is,   I live in a small but generally “proud of themselves” country (except for that Hitler wannabe who was in the government for 15 years. Not proud at all of that…).

But I’m not here to tell you all about the country I live in,  or how wonderful it is for foreigners to spend their vacation here.

I’m here to tell you about my own experience, living, working,  and dreaming in a place that’s not a powerful world power but it isn’t also a place filled with disaster and poverty.

I’m just a guy trying to reach his dreams, (as many others) doing what is considered here to be a “non traditional” job.  So most of my experiences are about spending all my 20s trying to be successful and crashing  into walls.

It’s All About The Music

So, I’m a 31-year-old musician.  My instrument of preference has been the piano and keyboards since I was 13 years old.   I come from a middle class family and I went to University to get a degree in music.
I won’t talk in much detail, but I think you know what comes next after studying music (or any artistic field for that matter)


Unlike other “normal” jobs, this is one field in that you actually don’t get paid every time you work (or get paid a very low amount of money).  And you never get a formal work contract.As you might think, after successfully getting my music degree, I started to swim in the exciting and vast sea of the jobless and struggling artist. Working to get paid gigs, joining bands, trying to get paid composer jobs, and doing piano teaching to survive.

While trying to perfect my craft and artistry I came to know how this business works if you are not the son of a famous artist, or if you are a “newbie”.   I got really excited and disappointed about projects that I worked on, really happy about things that worked out, and really depressed about other things that didn’t go that well.  That’s life,  you might say!, and it’s true!, but this is life trying to survive in a very small fish tank, filled with angry sharks and pretentious piranhas.  Most of them don’t even let you get closer to get a little catch.  But when I came across those kinds of people,  I’ve also realized I didn’t want to be like them.

Go to hell shark!!

So where am I now??    I’ve decided to use my past experiences and work for my very own projects.  As things haven’t worked out with other people, I might as well work for myself and try to step out.

So… this is my life and it’s just starting…….Of course I still have to eat… so it’s not like I’m living now in a mountain alone;  I still need social contact (sadly!),  and I’m still trying to get “normal” music jobs, while dedicating most of my time to my own projects.
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